CoAP tools

As opposed to the Usage Examples, programs listed here are not tuned to show the use of aiocoap, but are tools for everyday work with CoAP implemented in aiocoap. Still, they can serve as examples of how to deal with user-provided addresses (as opposed to the fixed addresses in the examples), or of integration in a bigger project in general.

Those utilities are installed by at the usual executable locations; during development or when working from a git checkout of the project, wrapper scripts are available in the root directory. In some instances, it might be practical to access their functionality from within Python; see the aiocoap.cli module documentation for details.

All tools provide details on their invocation and arguments when called with the --help option.


Tools in the contrib/ folder are somewhere inbetween Usage Examples and the tools above; the rough idea is that they should be generally useful but not necessarily production tools, and simple enough to be useful as an inspiration for writing other tools; none of this is set in stone, though, so that area can serve as a noncommittal playground.

There is currently onely one tool in there:

  • aiocoap-fileserver: Serves the current directory’s contents as CoAP resources, implementing directory listing and observation. No write support yet.