a plain CoAP proxy that can work both as forward and as reverse proxy

usage: aiocoap-proxy [-h] [--forward] [--reverse] [--bind BIND]
                     [--tls-server-certificate CRT] [--tls-server-key KEY]
                     [--proxy HOST[:PORT]] [--dump-client FILE]
                     [--dump-server FILE] [--namebased NAME:DEST]
                     [--pathbased PATH:DEST] [--unconditional DEST]


Required argument for setting the operation mode

--forward Run as forward proxy
--reverse Run as reverse proxy


Options that govern how requests go in and out

--bind Host and/or port to bind to (see –help-bind for details)
 TLS certificate (chain) to present to connecting clients (in PEM format)
 TLS key to load that supports the server certificate
--proxy Relay outgoing requests through yet another proxy
--dump-client Log network traffic from clients to FILE
--dump-server Log network traffic to servers to FILE


Sequence of forwarding rules that, if matched by a request, specify a forwarding destination

--namebased If Uri-Host matches NAME, route to DEST
--pathbased If a requested path starts with PATH, split that part off and route to DEST
 Route all requests not previously matched to DEST