A plain CoAP resource directory according to draft-ietf-core-resource-directory-25

Known Caveats:

  • It is very permissive. Not only is no security implemented.
  • This may and will make exotic choices about discoverable paths whereever it can (see StandaloneResourceDirectory documentation)
  • Split-horizon is not implemented correctly
  • Unless enforced by security (ie. not so far), endpoint and sector names (ep, d) are not checked for their lengths or other validity.
  • Simple registrations don’t cache .well-known/core contents

usage: aiocoap-rd [-h] [--bind BIND] [--credentials CREDENTIALS]
                  [--tls-server-certificate CRT] [--tls-server-key KEY]

Named Arguments

--bind Host and/or port to bind to (see –help-bind for details)
--credentials JSON file pointing to credentials for the server’s identity/ies.
 TLS certificate (chain) to present to connecting clients (in PEM format)
 TLS key to load that supports the server certificate