aiocoap.proxy.client module

class aiocoap.proxy.client.ProxyForwarder(proxy_address, context)

Bases: aiocoap.interfaces.RequestProvider

Object that behaves like a Context but only provides the request function and forwards all messages to a proxy.

This is not a proxy itself, it is just the interface for an external one.

request(message, **kwargs)

Create and act on a a Request object that will be handled according to the provider’s implementation.

class aiocoap.proxy.client.ProxyRequest(proxy, app_request, exchange_monitor_factory=<function ProxyRequest.<lambda>>)

Bases: aiocoap.interfaces.Request

class aiocoap.proxy.client.ProxyClientObservation

Bases: aiocoap.protocol.ClientObservation

real_observation = None

Cease to generate observation or error events. This will not generate an error by itself.