aiocoap.transports.tinydtls module

This module implements a TransportEndpoint that handles coaps:// using a wrapped tinydtls library.

This currently only implements the client side. To have a test server, run:

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd libcoap
$ ./
$ ./configure --with-tinydtls --disable-shared
$ make
$ ./examples/coap-server

(Using TinyDTLS in libcoap is important; with the default OpenSSL build, I’ve seen DTLS1.0 responses to DTLS1.3 requests, which are hard to debug.)

The test server with its built-in credentials can then be accessed using:

$ echo '{"coaps://localhost/*": {"dtls": {"psk": {"ascii": "secretPSK"}, "client-identity": {"ascii": "client_Identity"}}}}' > testserver.json
$ ./aiocoap-client coaps://localhost --credentials testserver.json

While it is planned to allow more programmatical construction of the credentials store, the currently recommended way of storing DTLS credentials is to load a structured data object into the client_credentials store of the context:

>>> c = await aiocoap.Context.create_client_context()          
>>> c.client_credentials.load_from_dict(
...     {'coaps://localhost/*': {'dtls': {
...         'psk': b'secretPSK',
...         'client-identity': b'client_Identity',
...         }}})                                               

where, compared to the JSON example above, byte strings can be used directly rather than expressing them as ‘ascii’/’hex’ ({‘hex’: ‘30383135’} style works as well) to work around JSON’s limitation of not having raw binary strings.

Bear in mind that the aiocoap CoAPS support is highly experimental; for example, while requests to this server do complete, error messages are still shown during client shutdown.

class aiocoap.transports.tinydtls.DTLSClientConnection(host, port, pskId, psk, coaptransport)

Bases: aiocoap.interfaces.EndpointAddress

is_multicast = False
is_multicast_locally = False
hostinfo = None
class SingleConnection(parent)

Bases: object

classmethod factory(parent)
parent = None


datagram_received(data, addr)
class aiocoap.transports.tinydtls.TransportEndpointTinyDTLS(ctx: aiocoap.interfaces.MessageManager, log, loop)

Bases: aiocoap.interfaces.TransportEndpoint

classmethod create_client_transport_endpoint(ctx: aiocoap.interfaces.MessageManager, log, loop, dump_to)