Change log

This summarizes the changes between released versions. For a complete change log, see the git history. For details on the changes, see the respective git commits indicated at the start of the entry.

Version 0.3


  • 4d07615: ICMP errors are handled
  • 1b61a29: Accept ‘fe80::...%eth0’ style addresses
  • 3c0120a: Observations provide modern async for interface
  • 4e4ff7c: New demo: file server
  • ef2e45e, 991098b, 684ccdd: Messages can be constructed with options, modified copies can be created with the .copy method, and default codes are provided
  • 08845f2: Request objects have .response_nonraising and .response_raising interfaces for easier error handling
  • ab5b88a, c49b5c8: Sites can be nested by adding them to an existing site, catch-all resources can be created by subclassing PathCapable

Possibly breaking changes

  • ab5b88a: Site nesting means that server resources do not get their original Uri-Path any more
  • bc76a7c: Location-{Path,Query} were opaque (bytes) objects instead of strings; disctinction between accidental and intentional opaque options is now clarified

Small features

  • 2bb645e: set_request_uri allows URI parsing without sending Uri-Host
  • e6b4839: Take block1.size_exponent as a sizing hint when sending block1 data
  • 9eafd41: Allow passing in a loop into context creation
  • 9ae5bdf: ObservableResource: Add update_observation_count
  • c9f21a6: Stop client-side observations when unused
  • dd46682: Drop dependency on obscure built-in IN module
  • a18c067: Add numbers from draft-ietf-core-etch-04
  • fabcfd5: .well-known/core supports filtering


  • f968d3a: All low-level networking is now done in aiocoap.transports; it’s not really hotpluggable yet and only UDPv6 (with implicit v4 support) is implemented, but an extension point for alternative transports.
  • bde8c42: recvmsg is used instead of recvfrom, requiring some asyncio hacks

Package management

  • 01f7232, 0a9d03c: aiocoap-client and -proxy are entry points
  • 0e4389c: Establish an extra requirement for LinkHeader