a plain CoAP proxy that can work both as forward and as reverse proxy

usage: aiocoap-proxy [-h] [--forward] [--reverse] [--server-address HOST]
                     [--server-port PORT] [--proxy HOST[:PORT]]
                     [--dump-client FILE] [--dump-server FILE]
                     [--namebased NAME:DEST] [--pathbased PATH:DEST]
                     [--unconditional DEST]


Required argument for setting the operation mode

–forward Run as forward proxy
–reverse Run as reverse proxy


Options that govern how requests go in and out


Address to bind the server context to

Default: ”::”


Port to bind the server context to

Default: 5683

–proxy Relay outgoing requests through yet another proxy
–dump-client Log network traffic from clients to FILE
–dump-server Log network traffic to servers to FILE


Sequence of forwarding rules that, if matched by a request, specify a forwarding destination

–namebased If Uri-Host matches NAME, route to DEST
–pathbased If a requested path starts with PATH, split that part off and route to DEST
 Route all requests not previously matched to DEST